Although it’s an easy purchase, some budget policies, especially online, do not give you the full cover that you should be protected for. It is done for the purpose of making them cheap.

And that’s when you could find yourself out of pocket just for a few £££’s.

So here are 3 Points you should be aware of:

  1. Some policies automatically exclude Subsidence cover. You should always have this because the average claim (for subsidence) is £25,000 which would seriously burn a hole in your pocket if you did not have the cover.
  2. A number of online budget insurers give you a higher excess than normal to make them cheaper. The surprise comes when you come to claim and find that you have to pay the first £500 or £750 of each claim!  Our Excess is usually £250.
  3. Some insurers give Loss of Rent as a percentage of the Building Sum Insured (usually 20%). This may be inadequate as an amount and also for the period of time the policy will pay the benefit.

These are just some however there are other points to be aware of but if you heed these you won’t have any nasty surprises.

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