Titan Construction Insurance is calling upon the UK Government to begin a concerted house building programme to help kick start the construction sector.

With new build figures at their lowest for decades, Titan Construction Insurance believes that only a major boost to house building will be enough to save an industry which has suffered more than most during the latest recession.

Furthermore, the housing market is suffering from stagnation and new homes, together with a willingness from the mortgage lenders to begin loans again, are needed to provide some impetus.

Titan believes that a new approach to land and town centre developments is long overdue, and that builders, planners and local authorities stop having to become fixated with green build issues and begin exploiting land of all types.

Chief Executive Officer of Titan Construction Insurance, Basil Tsapralis, said:
We’re are in the odd situation that there is a huge demand for private housing, yet the number of new builds has been dramatically reduced, leading to a housing market which will once again boom and bust like so many times before. What we need desperately are new homes being built on all forms of land available.

In the UK, everyone appears fixated with the green belt, but there are huge tracts of land not designated as such which could be used for new homes. We have to start changing our views on house building.

Titan Construction Insurance is one of the largest construction insurance brokers in the UK and has a reputation for high standards of service, with competitive prices.