As the Olympics draw close, a leading landlords insurance is advising its clients who are arranging for their property to be let out to spectators, athletes, sports personnel and the media, to ensure that they inform their insurers of the letting arrangements.

The broker Titan Landlords Insurance believes that property owners should make full use of the opportunities that such a major sporting event presents and the Olympics is by far the biggest. But, they are anxious that properties let by people, often who don’t let on a regular basis, need to be properly insured and organised.

They think that professional landlords, as well as single property landlords, or indeed people letting out their own home whilst the event is on, should all ensure that they are covered properly during the time their properties are let.

Chief Executive Officer of Titan Business Insurance, Basil Tsparalis, said:

“This is the very time when small landlords with empty properties, or people wishing to make some extra money by say letting out their own property, especially if it is a certain size, in a certain location, can cash-in on a major sporting event. But even though the temptation to make a fast buck is going to be very great, people must remember that insurance companies are very strict when it comes to change of use. They must be informed, otherwise if a claim has to be made, then things could get awkward.”

Titan is one of the biggest landlords insurance brokers in the UK and acts for companies and individuals throughout the whole country.

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