Titan Landlord Insurance, one of the largest brokers in the UK dealing with companies and individuals across a wide range of commercial and industrial sectors, believes that landlords should remain on their guard against scams against their property.

Some unscrupulous people see properties to let as a chance to work a scam and will think nothing of involving a landlord in the fallout. It may be that they need an address to start a personal identity fraud, or a place to have stolen goods delivered, or to use the property for a drugs den, or drug growing greenhouse.

Chief Executive Officer of Titan Landlord Insurance, Basil Tsapralis, said:
“It’s no joke that some individuals see an empty property as a way of making some money. There was one particular tale of woe which surfaced some years ago and is a reminder that all landlords should take care to check out who their tenants actually are.

“There was a case in which a respectable couple, on the surface, signed an agreement to rent a large property near London. One month’s rent was paid and the landlord thought nothing more of it until neighbours reported that the house had over night been filled with tyres! It costs a fortune to dispose of old tyres and the couple has been masquerading for a team of crooks who disposed of old tyres at low rates. They literally filled every space in the house with old rubber.”

Titan is one of the UK’s largest landlord insurance brokers and has a wide range of clients across many sectors, both industrial and commercial.

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