Titan Business Insurance believes that the eurozone troubles continue to hold back the chance of meaningful growth in the UK and looks to the continents’ politicians to create a plan which will provide a workable solution.

The recent troubles in Spain, including a re-rating on its debt and a leap in unemployment to 25%, have re-opened wounds about the viability of the euro as a single currency believes Titan.

The eurozone is a constant storm on the horizon of any recovery says Titan and with populations now voting at the ballot box against austerity, the fiscal pressures are going to build.

Chief Executive Officer of Titan Business Insurance, Basil Tsapralis, said:
“A new worrying aspect has crept into the eurozone crisis now, one which might dwarf the situation we’ve lived with for years, but might ironically bring about the closure that we all require. It would appear that the political situation in France and the Netherlands is equating to an almost people’s revolution against austerity as the only solution to Europe’s problems. As one commentator recently put it, austerity is the new ideology and ideologies bring with them their own problems.

“And with new governments being voted in on the premise of no-austerity packages, the new leaders in Europe are going to have to re-negotiate their relationship with the financial markets.”

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