It’s not quite as cheap as chips, but many fish and chip shop owners find they get served up tasty deals on their insurance.

When you consider the amount of risks and hazards involved, it may come as a surprise to find that Fish and Chip Shop Insurance is so competitively priced.

How do they do it? Well, for some in the know, it’s all amount keeping your house (or should that be shop) in order.

With 25 years in the business, we have picked up a few handy tips for keeping down the price of Fish and Chip Shop Insurance and many involve keeping the place safe, clean and tidy.

We’re not talking about a quick spring clean whenever it comes time to renew your policy.

Keeping your hungry customers happy is essential if you run a chippy. Serving up the best grub will make them come back for more and to do this, you’ll need your cooking equipment to be clean and in good working order.

That’s something which will also whet the appetite of insurance companies as they love to see ranges and equipment which is well maintained. Grease traps and ducts should be cleaned out regularly and you may find an insurer is willing to slice off a few extra quid for a clean and tidy kitchen.

Of course, insurers also relish safety and, in a hot and heavy environment such as a chippy, there are always fire hazards. That’s why, having all your fire fighting equipment such as extinguishers and fire blankets will tick a couple of more boxes for the insurance company.

Not only will this save you money on your insurance, failure to have all your equipment and safety measures up to scratch could see your insurer reject any future claims.

Taking pride in your business not only increases trade, it can also cut down on insurance costs.

Healthy profits will only come if you make sure your shop is up-to-speed with health and safety guidelines. Keeping yourself right on this front shows insurers that you are serious about looking after your business.

Of course, insurance companies will want to know that you are operating in an environment where risk is kept to a minimum, so having high standards of health and safety should be a priority.

Should you fail to meet basic hygiene standard and say, for example, one of your customers suffers food poisoning, this could make an insurer think twice about giving you a competitive rate on public liability cover.

Similarly, a dangerous workplace may make it tricky for you to secure a good deal on Employers Liability cover.

Safety isn’t confined to the inside of the shop though. Taking the proper precautions with your shop front can also pay dividends when it comes to fish and chip shop insurance. Of course, there’s no point forking out for things like alarms and locks on your shutters if you don’t let your insurer know you have them.

Always provide your insurance company with as much detail as possible on what security measures you have taken.

If your business premises also doubles up as your residence, there may be more savings to be had. Let your insurance company know if you live above the fish and chip shop or even beside it. You may qualify for discount or be able to tie up your home and business insurance into one policy.

Contact us for your fish and chip shop insurance needs and you’ll quickly realise that there’s plenty on the menu.

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