8 Do’s and Dont’s for Trouble Free Fish & Chip Shop Insurance

This is not an exhaustive list but if you read and take heed you’ll sleep easier at night should you have a claim:

  1. Be fully aware that all Fish & Chip insurance policies require you to have your ducts and grease traps cleaned by a Third Party contractor including maintenance of your Fire Prevention  equipment (and for it to be documented)
  2. Do understand what is expected of you regarding hygiene and Health and Safety matters – make sure you are aware of these responsibilities which are included within your insurance documents
  3. If you have a restaurant (sit down) part to your business make sure you notify your insurance provider or broker as this may affect your cover
  4. Don’t forget to insure your Glass frontage and any Canopies as many Fish & Chip business owners forget to do so
  5. If you live on the premises tell us as we can obtain further price discounts for you
  6. Don’t forget to declare any previous claims you’ve had (usually 5 years) as insurers may reject your claim if you fail to disclose
  7. Do keep all documentation such as Invoices, Maintenance Agreements, Certificates which may be required in the event of a claim. It’ll make your job getting settlement so much easier…
  8. Do always ask your broker or insurance provider to explain anything you don’t understand regarding your insurance cover – never assume as this is one of the main reasons why claims may not be paid

If you need any assistance with your insurance, don’t hesitate to contact us on 0207 731 3700