Owning a fish and chip shop can be a very rewarding and lucrative business. If the store is well-positioned and the quality of the food is good, there is no doubt that it will be popular.

To further ensure its success, it is imperative to have fish & chip shop insurance. Over and above this, you will need to adhere to the health and electrical regulations. It’s important to understand the do’s and don’t of having fish & chips shop insurance.

This is a very important aspect of running a fish & chip shop. Small fires in these types of establishments is very common, especially in and around the cooking area. When extraction hoods or ducts catch fire, you will need to claim to repair or replace the damaged property.

Fire in the kitchen

For your claim to be successful, your fish & chip shop insurance company will request the maintenance records as well as the proof that the ducts and hoods have been cleaned. Failure to produce these records will result in your claim being rejected. 

How do you avoid this?

To ensure that your claim is processed and paid out, there are three basic conditions that generally apply to all fish & chip shops:  

1.   All extraction ducts and hoods to be cleaned regularly. They must be checked and maintained at least once a year and records must be kept.

2.   There should always be a valid electrical certificate fully complying with current electrical regulations. If there was an electrical fire and the electrical certificate was out of date, your claim would be rejected.

3.   Fire preventative measures such as fire extinguishers or blankets must be in the vicinity of the range and regularly maintained and records kept.

The lesson here is to be fully aware of the terms and conditions of your insurance policy and to adhere to them. Some policies could be stricter. It is therefore important to know what your responsibilities are and to ensure that you adhere to them.

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