Titan Business Insurance laments the fact that 2012 has turned into more farcical territory, rather than a serious debate for recovery and future growth.

Titan Business Insurance believes that the Pasty grabbing headlines are all well and good, but it could prevent cool and hard commentary on whether this latest budget is the platform that the SME community needs for providing it with the confidence in recovery.

The media discussion following the budget centred on VAT being introduced in the autumn onto hot food takeaway products which included pasties and sausage rolls. The food company and retailer Greggs was cited as being one of the most vulnerable companies to the new 20% tax hike.

Chief Executive Officer of Titan Business Insurance, Basil Tsapralis, said:
“The headlines about pasties and crumbs of comfort for the Government has made great reading, and it’s all good for the media, but the problem is, it can be distracting for those that are trying to survive in this very difficult business environment, and one which requires strong leadership and direction. So pasty headlines are great. Politicians see these opportunities to take pot shots at each other, whereas what business requires is our leaders to focus all their energies and attention on getting through to a meaningful recovery.

“Let’s hope we can quickly overcome the headlines and get to a point where we can focus on the future.”

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