Fast food businesses such as fish and chip shops should ensure that they remain fully insured, even though margins might be under pressure during recessionary times.

Titan Insurance is one of the country’s largest arrangers of fish and chip shop insurance, and have warned their clients that even though the country might be going through one of the worst recessions for years, any money saved trying to short cut their insurance policies could back-fire and severely damage their businesses.

Chief Executive Officer of Titan Insurance said:

“It used to be said that fish and chip shops did very well out of a recession, because they always provided the public with a decent meal at a decent price. The same can still be said, but there are a number of new factors in play now, not least a vast amount of competition on the high street, which means that all food businesses are seeing tougher times.

“Savings can be made in many ways, but cut back on things like good fish and chip shop insurance, and it could be a very false economy. These businesses are no longer simple fast food concerns; the people that own and operate them, have to consider many risk factors and be constantly aware of new legislation that might affect them.

“Where owners can make significant savings on their fish and chip shop insurance policies, is by using companies like ours to get the best deal, and ensure it is the most appropriate cover.”

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