To celebrate the fact that the good old fish and chip shop insurance policy has supported the purveyors of such fine fast food for so many years, and the fact that the venerable meal is 150 years old, a flight search website has made a point of tracking down the five best chippies in the world.

All no doubt are fully covered by good fish and chip shop insurance policies, but what better way to celebrate the fact that this peculiarly English meal is 150 years old?

And where better to start naming the five best chippies in the world, than 20 miles across the channel in a nation that regards the British as food illiterates.

Fish and chip insurance taken for granted, one of the top five chippies sits in the heart of France, Paris. It’s called the Publicis Drugstore Brasserie and it sits comfortably on the famous Champs-Elysees. It’s not in the traditional sense of the chippie description, and it offers many traditional French dishes, and other dishes of course, but deep within the menu are the words, “le fish and chips.”

Back nearer home is the second on the list, which picked up the golden gong of Winner of the UK Fish and Chip Shop of the Year for 2009-2010 and goes by the name of Atlantic Fast Food. Its abode is in Coatbridge, Lanarkshire. This place sets its store out with tasty food, top produce and caring customer service.

But that’s the only UK chippie on the list as the other top locations – all with fish and chip insurances in place – are far further afield.

And one of the furthest away is in Taipei, Taiwan, although fittingly, it was opened by a Scotsman called Duncan Inglis in 2005. Appropriately named The Frying Scotsman, it boasts that it can provide fish and chips on a par with the best in Britain. And he seems to be right.

Spain is not to be outdone – especially as it’s the haven for many fish and chip loving British ex-pats – named on the top chippie list is the Crispy Cod, which has its abode in the popular seaside resort of Fuengirola. Having been on the go for around a decade, it claims the best fish and chips in Spain.

Last, but not least, the ‘new territories’ get a look-in with a fish and chip shop called A Salt and Battery. A nice play on words, but given the former reputation of home town – New York – perhaps the play on words is a little inappropriate. Situated on Greenwich Avenue, it’s a popular hang-out for the village types.

So there we are, the five best chippies around the globe and all, no doubt, enjoying the protection of the finest fish and chip shop insurance policies. Be sure to read this for trouble free fish and chip shop insurance.