Titan Construction Insurance believes that the sector is still not being supported by the Government when it comes to creating projects to help companies and skilled staff weather the extremely tough economic conditions.

Titan Construction Insurance sees little hope in massive infrastructure projects on the table at the moment, given that they take so long to come to fruition. The HS2 railway project has been given the go ahead by the Government, which is welcome news says Titan, but it could take ten years for the proposals to get past the various regulatory stages and become reality.

And yet another report says Titan has been published by business leaders demanding action on the flight capacity in the UK. Without a third runway at Heathrow, or a new London airport on the Thames Estuary, business believes that the economic future of the country will be damaged.

Whether the Thames Estuary site is chosen, or not, Titan believes that a new major airport for London on a green field site is a viable opportunity to ensure that the country can grow in the future, but one which could save thousands of companies and skilled jobs.

Chief Executive Officer of Titan Construction Insurance, Basil Tsapralis, said:
The construction industry is in desperate need of some stimulus. If we don’t get companies working on meaningful projects, they will layoff skilled workers which means that the country’s chances of participating in the real recovery could suffer.

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