Titan Business Insurance thinks that the euro zone is in danger of meltdown unless the countries agree to introduce Eurobonds, or take some other decisive action to alleviate the problems.

Eurobonds, says Titan, could offer the euro zone a way out of the problem, because it would tell the markets that the group of nations which make up the economic territory, are prepared to collectively take responsibility for the troubles.

In effect, says Titan, everyone would know that the German nation would be guaranteeing the whole euro zone, but it would have the support of some of the healthier economies.

If the Eurobonds are not introduced, then the politicians need to decide upon some other decisive action which would help bring resolution to the euro zone’s lack of credibility.

Chief Executive Officer of Titan Business Insurance, Basil Tsapralis, said:
“German Chancellor Angela Merkel does not want to have to guarantee the debts of the euro zone and she has a point. However, she is part of the euro zone and she cannot have it both ways. She either has to accept that the euro zone will fall apart with individual countries bringing back their former currencies, or they have to allow the introduction of Eurobonds.

“And the new difficulty that the German Chancellor now faces is that Sarkozy is gone and Hollande is now the President of France. And Hollande has a very different set of views than his predecessor. And with this new dynamic, the rules of the game have changed.”

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