Clients of one of the UK’s leading business insurance brokers believe that euro worries are severely effecting business and consumer sentiment.

One of the leading business insurance brokers is reporting that its clients remain worried about the state of the Euro, even though the UK is out of the Eurozone.

Titan Business Insurance, which handles companies throughout the UK, finds that its clients are nervous about the fate of the Euro because of fears that it could bring further pressures on mainland commerce, but, more importantly, it is continually unsettling the markets and affecting the sentiment of UK banks.

Greece is bearing the brunt of the scrutiny as it struggles to implement austerity measures demanded by European leaders who do not want to see the country default. Titan’s clients believe that the major political leaders in Europe have got to act decisively in order to bring a sense of calm and order within the markets. Whatever decision they have to make, they need to make it quickly and be resolute; otherwise the whole system appears destined to suffer repeated shocks until the worst might happen.

Chief Executive Officer of Titan Business Insurance, Basil Tsapralis, said:

Some fear that the euro is heading for an inevitable collapse and its slow death is prolonging the agony for all concerned. But whatever the truth of what the doomsayers may be saying, it’s apparent to everyone that for as long as this shadow hangs over the major mainland European economies, progress out of the economic downturn will be nigh on impossible.

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