This article covers the general facts about car fleet insurance, listing some things that fleet managers might want to consider in a policy and pushing Titans flexibility.


Any manager of a fleet understands that every day is different, bringing new challenges and situations that have to be managed properly so that everybody keeps moving.  Unfortunately, most incrsurance companies don’t seem to recognise that everyone has different needs when it comes to car fleet insurance and they attempt to sell generic policies that either cover everything under the sun, whether it’s a risk or not,  or leave a holder short of cover just when they need it most. One or two companies, like Titan Insurance, have realised that the key to an effective fleet insurance policy is flexibility.  Owners and managers know what their needs are, and how their fleet works – it isn’t down to the insurance company to tell them how to operate, but rather for the managers to say what they need cover for.

Insuring a fleet shouldn’t be any more difficult than insuring a single vehicle, and in fact many of the questions asked by insurers are exactly the same.    It’s up to you, as the fleet manager, to decide what is important and to balance the risk against the cost of the policy.  You also need to decide which risks you need cover for and which ones you don’t, as you don’t want to be paying for cover you don’t need or be missing out on something you genuinely do need.

Consider your own fleet, and you’ll realise that you can soon break down the cover into different areas, and they’ll probably all be familiar to you.  As with a domestic policy, for example, do you want your drivers to be able to swap vehicles and drive other peoples, or do you limit them to a particular vehicle?  How about the type of cover you require – do you want to go for a fully comprehensive policy, possibly with a protected no claims discount, or keep costs to a minimum by getting third party only cover?  Are your drivers likely to be taking passengers and do you need public liability insurance, or is it simply a case of your vehicles getting your staff from A to B?

Other considerations for you are whether you want to reduce premiums by limiting mileages, though obviously this only works if your drivers cover relatively short distances.  Paying higher voluntary excesses can be tempting, as they will reduce your premium, but be aware that if you are involved with a claim then the cost could be more than you expected and may even cancel out any savings you had made.

The brokers that Titan Insurance uses all have extensive experience in tailoring fleet insurance policies to the customer.  They will happily take the time to talk through your needs with you and create the policy you need.