This article discusses the trying times that British Taxi Fleet owners now face, but so too it offers a few means of changing things, and a few ideas to ponder over for a more positive outlook.

Times are hard, and they are getting even harder, the taxi was one of the luxury items of the last decade when commuters threw caution to the wind in parting with a fraction of their salary to be chauffeured to their work to and fro. Where is that money now? Well it’s gone.

You as a Taxi operator need to look to another form of money now that discretionary spending is at an all-time low. You need to look for savings, the penny saved being better than a penny earned coming home to roost as the world enters its double dip recession scenario.

Taxi fleet insurance is one area where you can look for these cost cuts, you can do so without losing the coverage, and you can do so whilst even increasing the coverage your taxi fleet insurance allows you.

You know the principles of insurance, taxi fleet insurance will set you right if your purveyors of people let you down, if there is a car theft, a fire, if a crash occurs you will need fleet insurance on your taxis to stem potential losses, and put you back in the driver’s seat of navigating your firm through these trying times.

There is one upside to the current economic situation for taxi owners; a rate of decline in vehicle ownership is now occurring as individuals can no longer afford to run their own personal vehicle. Enter the vehicle provider, the “vehicle and driver outsourcer” if you will, to make up for their short fall. When they find they are caught short in getting from A to B in a set time, you and your fleet will be there.

Your fleet insured with the long arm of protection, the strong arm of your defence against beatable odds to stay upright as your counterparts fall. Granted you will need to be innovative to weather this storm, granted there is less discretionary spending floating around. Granted there are issues on the ranks. The council is not giving enough taxi rank spaces, the charges you are incurring are increasing, and your men and women who man your fleet are giving you jip, claiming; what is left of the choice hours are going to others. But, you can and will hold strong.

A good taxi fleet insurance policy, acquired without paying a premium, but still providing a premium service when disaster strikes, will shore up one hole, and let you get down to the business of doing business.  Knowing that the fleet insurance is in place takes one worry away, knowing that you have acquired taxi fleet insurance at a discount from your current provider would leave you with savings that can be used in removing other headaches.

Select to speak with an expert from and select one way out of the hole we now find ourselves in. Whilst optimism is a necessary thing in business sometimes, covering all of your bases by playing to the “what if “scenarios makes better sense the rest of the time. Go with Titan to meet your taxi fleet insurance needs, you know it makes sense.