Titan Manufacturer Insurance argues that the Government needs to significantly boost its capital spending on infrastructure projects in order to help out struggling manufacturers.

Titan Manufacturer Insurance believes that the industry is in desperate need of a boost in infrastructure spending of the kind hinted at by the Liberal Democrats at their recent Conference.

The media ran a story that certain Government Ministers were promoting the idea that although they needed to remain resolute and continue with austerity cuts, they might consider a £5 billion boost in capital spending on major infrastructure projects.

The manufacturing sector would be a big beneficiary of this type of spending and, says Titan; it could tide over many companies until the real recovery starts.

Chief Executive Officer of Titan Manufacturer Insurance, Basil Tsapralis, said:

“Whilst we appreciate the Government is not for turning and believes it should stick religiously to its austerity cuts as outlined last year, you can’t help but think that they also have to remain flexible to development.

“But now that the IMF, as well as other influential economists, have warned that the world is in danger of slipping back into recession, the Government has got to prove it can act decisively. It’s not a question of Plan B, but of seeing a Government that has the ability to react to events.

“It’s now that we need to see the PM and his Ministers steer the good ship UK PLC around the next stretch of rocks and get us set up for the recovery.”

Titan Manufacturer Insurance believes it is one of the few companies which places great emphasis on customer service, as well as providing a competitive range of prices for its policies.

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