SMEs Still Need Cash

17th January 2012By adminCommercial Insurance

Titan Business Insurance is worried that SMEs are still being starved of cash in a system which remains fearful of lending money. What’s more, says Titan Business Insurance, the ‘locked down’ business environment is beginning to damage growth as businesses cannot afford to gear up to cope with the inevitable pent-up demand after so many … Read More

2012 Outlook

6th January 2012By adminCommercial Insurance

Titan Sports Club Insurance thinks 2012 will be a very demanding time for UK sports and organisations, as they cope with a difficult financial environment both in terms of participants and spectators. There is also the question of the UK becoming an increasingly litigious nation with people quick to resort to the law over injuries … Read More

Many Businesses Don’t Understand Eurozone Crisis

4th January 2012By adminCommercial Insurance

Titan Business Insurance believes that many SMEs just don’t understand the full implications of what the eurozone means for their business. When talking to their clients, Titan Business Insurance says it becomes clear that many smaller to medium sized companies are struggling with the very concept of the latest eurozone crisis and are confused as … Read More

Get Covered for the Christmas Party

29th November 2011By adminCommercial Insurance

Most sports and social clubs organise festive events over Christmas. Whether it’s a party for the kids or a late-night knees-up for the grownups, it’s a good opportunity to get members together for a social event and for everyone to show their appreciation to the club. With so much to organise, sports club insurance probably … Read More

Be aware of Insurance call centre advice

8th November 2011By adminCommercial Insurance

Recently BBC’s Money Box highlighted an area where claims advice by an insurance company call centre could prove to be costly by giving erroneous advice to their customer. The case in question arose when the customer in question that bought the insurance policy rang the call centre to notify of them of a potential claim. … Read More

Insurance and Riots

14th August 2011By adminCommercial Insurance

Following the recent civil unrest in the UK if you have sufferred any damage to your business you should have by now reported it to your Broker or Insurance Provider. Most Business Insurance policies would cover the physical damage caused ie., fire, theft, malicious damage under the perils of Riot and Civil Commotion plus any interruption to business trading … Read More

BBC’s Apprentice Reminds SMEs of Need for Insurance

20th July 2011By adminCommercial Insurance

Titan Business Insurance reckons that SMEs have much to learn from watching the highly successful BBC programme The Apprentice which offers a microcosm of all the issues faced by business people. As the highly successful reality show The Apprentice closes after yet another fascinating run, one of the UK’s largest insurance brokers, Titan Business Insurance, … Read More

SMEs Worry Over Prospects

14th July 2011By adminCommercial Insurance

News Release 12th July, 2011 Client’s of Titan Business Insurance are reporting back that although the UK economic recovery may well have started, the pace of growth appears to have stalled. Clients of one of the UK’s largest business insurance brokers remain very concerned that the economic recovery remains unstable and the that mixed messages … Read More