Titan Construction Insurance says that spending on major projects needs to be boosted if vital jobs and skills aren’t to be lost forever.

Titan Construction Insurance believes that the UK is in desperate need of a number of big infrastructure projects which should be quickly conceived and implemented to help out a dire construction industry.

The appeal from Titan Construction Insurance comes at a time when the Government has been hinting at creating a number of major infrastructure projects funded out of capital expenditure, which means they don’t break their own austerity rules.

Titan believes that with a further recession stalking most of the established economies, Governments need to be doing more to help bolster future industries. What’s more says Titan, if the sector becomes burdened by job losses and the draining of vital skills, it might never recover for when the outlook brightens.

Chief Executive Officer of Titan Construction Insurance, Basil Tsapralis, said:

“It’s not just the small order books that should worry us, bad though it is, it’s also the loss of skills once staff are let go that is as big a concern. Skills are quickly lost, or personnel move overseas to find work, and this means that when the long awaited recovery does start, British firms will find it hard to undertake contracts when they lack the necessary skilled workforce.

“Starting some major construction projects now which would keep companies going and employ thousands of people, has to be cheaper than providing those same people with a wide range of benefits.”

Titan Construction Insurance is one of the major players in the sector and has clients that stretch up and down the country.

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