A company which arranges unoccupied property insurance for commercial and domestic
landlords, is advising everyone with empty property to ensure that they make regular
checks on their condition and status.

Titan is one of the UK’s leading brokers in the unoccupied property insurance sector and recommends that landlords of both sectors, commercial and domestic, don’t ‘forget’ their properties.

With a second severe winter in a row just passing, properties get subjected to harsh
conditions and if problems are not spotted quickly, then they can turn very easily turn into major issues. Damaged roofs, broken windows, frozen pipes which then burst, or attempted forced entry from thieves, are all potential hazards.

Chief Executive Officer of Titan Business Insurance, ●, said: “It is all too easy to forget empty properties and even the best constructed office, or house, can be vulnerable to broken windows, missing tiles and whereas these problems would be picked up quickly in occupied premises, in deserted buildings, they can go unnoticed for weeks, or months.

“We hear on many occasions that a problem has not been corrected quickly enough and has turned from a minor issue, into a major headache for the landlord, and then often lengthy discussions with their insurers follow. With a little care and attention, an unoccupied property need not become a problem property. It is just a case of disciplining yourself to regular visits and checking on the conditions outside and inside.”

Titan Insurance is one of the UK’s largest unoccupied property insurance brokers and
arranges policies for both commercial and domestic landlords.

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