Titan, one of the UK’s largest brokers in the unoccupied property insurance sector, is warning that flooding represents a big risk to UK properties even in the coming summer months.

It makes the point that the danger of flooding comes not only from a rapid thaw after a spell of cold weather, but monsoon like summer rains which can strike at anytime during the warmer months.

Chief Executive Officer of Titan Unoccupied Property Insurance, ●, said:
“Flooding is an ever present danger in the UK at the moment and whereas it used to be that householders could relax in the summer months, knowing that the worst of the weather was over, recent experiences have shown that summer seems to bring the threat of flash flooding.

“One minute it can be dry and warm, the next monsoon conditions can arrive and the quantity of rainfall that might usually be spread over days, if not weeks, is dumped in hours. Building on the flood plains has made matters worse and when local authorities build flood defenses to protect their towns and cities, the problem is often sent further down the river to somewhere else.

“It’s worse in unoccupied properties, because an owner is not usually present to offer even the most basic of defenses. And if that property is furnished, then matters are potentially catastrophic, because carpets and belongings cannot be moved in time as the house floods.”

Titan Insurance is one of the biggest players in unoccupied property insurance sector and advises a large portfolio of clients.