Many people don’t realise but most insurers shy away from properties that are not in use or unoccupied. If you’re also planning to redevelop or majorly refurbish your property your existing household insurance provider is unlikely to cover it. Some Specialist Insurers do however offer insurance and below are some helpful Tips and Hints to keep you out of trouble:

1.     Be aware that most unoccupied insurance policies have limited or reduced type of cover to what is normally given by insurance companies (with fully occupied properties)

2.     Do make sure your property is made fully secure against illegal entry by having good locks on all doors and windows – in case of long term unoccupancy you may have to get the property boarded up.

3.     Do make sure that the building sum insured is adequate and never underinsure

4.     One of the principal conditions that most specialist insurers apply to unoccupied properties is that all utilities are turned off at the mains – do familiarise yourself with these requirements

5.     If your property is of unusual construction notify your Broker or Insurance Provider as this may affect your cover

6.     If you’ve had any previous claims (whether paid or not) and usually within 5 years notify them to your Insurance Provider or Broker

7.     Do keep an eye on the property (weekly if possible) in case something adverse happens e.g squatters. This may also be a requirement imposed your Insurance Company

This is not an exhaustive list (always check your policy) but following these will keep you trouble free when you come to claim.

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