So, you’ve found yourself in charge of a property when there’s nobody living in it.

Maybe you’re a landlord and you’re looking for your next tenant for an empty flat?   Or you’re a developer and selling the property on?  Perhaps you’re doing a big home renovation so you’ve moved out to get away from the building work?  Or possibly, you’re waiting for the property to go through probate?

If any of these reasons sound familiar, you’re not alone. The biggest thing to remember is that standard home insurance won’t be enough.  If you’re not living in the property, insurers will count it as ‘unoccupied’, so you need to buy special ‘Unoccupied Property Insurance’ that covers this type of situation.

You’re likely to find that standard home insurance won’t cover a property if there’s nobody living in it for more than 30 days.  Obviously, as you won’t be living in the property, the risk for insurers is higher – you wouldn’t be there to immediately find out about any problems that could happen, like a boiler bursting which floods the house or an accident totally out of your hands like a vehicle driving into your front wall.  Things like this are all thought about when you buy Unoccupied Property Insurance.

Like most types of insurance, you can buy different levels of cover depending on what you need.  Titan Insurance offers 3 Levels of Unoccupied Property Insurance.  All of them insure up to £2,000,000 Property Owners Liability that covers you if any accidents happen to somebody else’s property that are your responsibility (even if you’re not living there).

Level 1:

  • Cost of repairing or rebuilding the property following loss or damage caused by Fire, Lightning, Explosion or Earthquake

 Level 2:

As well as the disasters included above, this level of insurance also covers damage from:

  • Storm, Flood and weight of snow
  • Escape of water or oil
  • Impact by aircraft or items dropped by them
  • Collision from an animal or vehicle
  • Falling objects – trees, telegraph poles, lamp posts, radio aerials and satellite dishes & masts

Importantly, this level gives you cover for theft or attempted theft and also for damage by riot, civil commotion, strikers or labour disturbances (up to £2,500 each).

Level 3:

Along with the various risks covered by Level 2, with the top level you’ll be able to insure the property against subsidence or landslip (unless the property was built before 1850!)

Points to remember for an empty property:

  1. Even if the property is your home, if you move out for more than 30 days, you’ll need to get Unoccupied Property Insurance.
  1. It doesn’t matter if the property is vacant short-term or long-term, you’ll need this insurance to keep it protected. It’s possible to get 3, 6, 9 or 12 months cover so it’s easy to make this work for you.
  1. You (or somebody you ask) will need to check on the property every 7/14 days for the insurance to be valid.
  1. The insurance will ask you make sure there are proper security measures by making sure the property is made secure against illegal entry so that the property is well looked after so not to attract burglars looking for an easy target.
  1. You’ll need to remember to turn off gas and electricity at the mains unless you need to keep it on to maintain heating.
  1. When your property is occupied again, your cover should let you switch your policy quickly and easily as it’s no longer empty.

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