Have you Exposed Yourself ?

20th May 2015By adminCommercial Insurance

Have you Exposed Yourself ? Sounds a bit rude but it’s not. A well respected Insurer, the Liverpool & Victoria Insurance, found in a recent survey that over 200,000 Small  Businesses (or 1 in 20 SME’s) in the United Kingdom have no insurance at all ! What happens if an employee of theirs gets injured … Read More

Performance Bonds – A Guide to Principles and Practice

5th May 2015By adminConstruction Bonds

Performance Bonds – A Guide to Principles and Practice If you are either a Developer or a Contractor involved in construction work of any kind  then you really need to know about Performance Bonds. Performance Bonds (sometimes known as Construction Bonds or Contract Bonds) are a type of insurance that provides financial compensation to a … Read More

Don’t Lose your Pants !

5th May 2015By adminUncategorised

Don’t Lose your Pants ! This maybe a little unexciting but read on. A recent survey by LV= (the famous Liverpool and Victoria Insurance) recently found that a whopping 62% of consumers would make a ‘Slip & Trip’ claim against a Small Business. What does that tell you ? One… People may be opportunistic to … Read More

Does the UK have the weakest necks in Europe?

28th October 2014By adminCar Fleet Insurance

A serious question posed by Aviva’s Chief Executive Mark Wilson about the state of compensation culture affecting the United Kingdom in such matters as whiplash, fraud or exaggerated claims. This is how he supports his statement:  Last year (2013), 94% of all personal injury claims paid by Aviva in the UK were for minor injuries … Read More