Have you Exposed Yourself ?

20th May 2015By adminCommercial Insurance

Have you Exposed Yourself ? Sounds a bit rude but it’s not. A well respected Insurer, the Liverpool & Victoria Insurance, found in a recent survey that over 200,000 Small  Businesses (or 1 in 20 SME’s) in the United Kingdom have no insurance at all ! What happens if an employee of theirs gets injured … Read More

Performance Bonds – A Guide to Principles and Practice

5th May 2015By adminConstruction Bonds

Performance Bonds – A Guide to Principles and Practice If you are either a Developer or a Contractor involved in construction work of any kind  then you really need to know about Performance Bonds. Performance Bonds (sometimes known as Construction Bonds or Contract Bonds) are a type of insurance that provides financial compensation to a … Read More

Don’t Lose your Pants !

5th May 2015By adminUncategorised

Don’t Lose your Pants ! This maybe a little unexciting but read on. A recent survey by LV= (the famous Liverpool and Victoria Insurance) recently found that a whopping 62% of consumers would make a ‘Slip & Trip’ claim against a Small Business. What does that tell you ? One… People may be opportunistic to … Read More