Strong Future for Warehouses

18th June 2012By adminCommercial Insurance

Titan Warehouse Insurance believes that the humble warehouse has a great future, but owners should be aware that they have all the correct policies in place. Warehouse insurance is now a sophisticated field says Titan and includes a huge number of sectors right from logistical centres, to buildings used for cloud based internet systems. It … Read More

Is the Government Stimulus Package Enough?

18th June 2012By adminBusiness Insurance

Titan Business Insurance applauds the latest stimulus package from the Government, but, along with many others, wonders if it is too little too late. The eurozone is beginning to crumble and we are now paying the price for apathetic European politicians who appear unable to take the big decisions needed to save the political union … Read More

Steady Future for Airline Manufacturers

12th June 2012By adminBusiness Insurance

Titan Engineers Insurance hopes that airline manufacturers, which have been comparatively unscathed during the current recessionary times, can remain viable despite many Western airlines struggling to make money. The view comes after Iata, the International Air Transport Association, announced that it had forecast losses in 2012 for European airlines at over £700 million. The airlines … Read More

Housing Market Stable

12th June 2012By adminLandlord Commercial Building Insurance

Titan Construction Insurance is calling upon the UK Government to begin a concerted house building programme to help kick start the construction sector. With new build figures at their lowest for decades, Titan Construction Insurance believes that only a major boost to house building will be enough to save an industry which has suffered more … Read More

Engineering Still Going Strong

30th May 2012By adminCommercial Insurance

Titan Engineers Insurance believes that the recent results from Jaguar Land Rover prove that engineering within the UK is still going strong. Land Rover, which is now owned by the Tata Motors Group in India, has just announced a 34% rise on profits for the 2011 to 2012 financial year. Profits came out at £1.5 … Read More

Construction Sector Leads Dismal Figures

30th May 2012By adminConstruction Insurance

The poor performance of the construction sector has led to the UK economy shrinking by a greater amount than before. Titan Construction Insurance is arguing that the sector needs viable help from the UK Government before too many jobs and skills are lost to a once vibrant industry. The Office for National Statistics lowered its … Read More

Introduce Eurobonds

24th May 2012By adminBusiness Insurance

Titan Business Insurance thinks that the euro zone is in danger of meltdown unless the countries agree to introduce Eurobonds, or take some other decisive action to alleviate the problems. Eurobonds, says Titan, could offer the euro zone a way out of the problem, because it would tell the markets that the group of nations … Read More

Warehouse Gets the Blame!

24th May 2012By adminCommercial Insurance

Titan Warehouse Insurance notes that it’s the warehouse which gets part of the blame for weak performance of the retail giant the House of Fraser. The retailer named a new distribution centre, together with warm weather and the general consumer downturn, as the main reasons for the profits falling by 16% to £58.6 million for … Read More

Still Needs Help

16th May 2012By adminBusiness Insurance

Titan Construction Insurance hopes that the Government’s advisory board will stress the need for stimulus within the construction sector. Made up of some of the UK’s most senior business people, the advisors help the Government formulate policy over the year. Titan understands that this body of influential advisors and opinion formers will try and get … Read More