Insurer and Credit Rating

Accelerant Insurance Europe (A- Rating)
Ageas Insurance Plc (A Rating)
Allianz Insurance Plc (AA Rating)
Atrium Underwriters Ltd - Lloyds of London Syndicate (A+ Rating)
Aviva Insurance Plc (AA- Rating)
AmTrust Europe Ltd (A- Rating)
Axa Insurance Plc (AA- Rating)
AXIS Specialty Europe SE (A+ Rating)
Axis Insurance Companies (A+ Rating)
Beech Underwriting Agencies Ltd (AA Rating)
Brit (AI) Insurance Company (A+ Rating)
Covea Insurance plc (AA- Rating)
DAS Legal Expenses Insurance Company Ltd - MGAA (A+ Rating)
DTW 1991 - Lloyds of London Syndicate (A+ Rating)
Equity Red Star - Lloyds of London Syndicate (A+ Rating)
HCC International Insurance Company Plc (AA- Rating)
Great Lakes Insurance SE (AA- Rating)
Legal and General  (A+ Rating)
Liberty Mutual Insurance Europe SE (A+ Rating)
Lloyds of London Syndicates
RSA Insurance Group plc (A Rating)
Sennocke International Insurance Services Ltd (A Rating)
Zurich Insurance Group Ltd (A Rating)
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