The Government has finally confirmed plans for a New Homes Ombudsman and Housing Minister, Robert Jennick said:

“Home buyers will be able to access help when they need it so disputes can be resolved faster and people can get the compensation;they deserve”.

The aim is to improve standards in design and durability for New Build houses and not to leave buyers of new homes in the lurch with sub-standard constructions.

The government is pressing ahead for all property developers to belong to the New Homes Ombudsman which will have statutory powers;to ban ‘rogue’ developers who construct sub standard new build homes.

There have even been sub-standard homes built and sold by well-known house builders so it’s not just limited to the smaller developers.

In the meantime, buyers of new build properties have to go in with their eyes wide open, rely on their warranty insurance (Latent Defects);or pursue the developer through the courts.

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