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Why you may need Titan Insurance by your side…?


This may make uncomfortable reading but these are some fundamental truths about insurance and making a claim.

If you, or any other insured, has a large claim, say in excess of £20,000, the first thing the insurer will do is to try and get out of paying.

It sounds terrible but it’s a fact.

How ?

The process is simple. The Loss Adjuster on behalf of the insurer collates the facts and reason for the claim. Then they will check your application/statement of fact to see if there is any misrepresentation, concealment or untruths and if any are found guess what ?

Your claim will be thrown out!

And that’s not even getting down to see if there is underinsurance or not.

So the question for you is…

Do you want to be all alone to fight the might and strength of an insurance company?

Or, do you want someone by your side to fight your corner.

Be safe, be secure.  Insure with Titan Insurance for peace of mind.

The decision is yours.

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