So you’re a property developer and you’re building new homes?  Or you’re a buyer and you’re buying a new build home?

Have you heard of Structural Warranty Insurance and Architects Certificates? 

Do you know what you need?

 If you are building new properties or you’re buying a new build home, you’ll be looking for a guarantee that if anything goes wrong after the build is complete, you have a safety net to fall back on. You’ll want reassurance that no damage to the property will appear further down the line.  Quite simply, you’ll want a guarantee that your home won’t start to fall apart!

The Low Down on Architects Certificates

  • They’re now known as Professional Consultant’s Certificate from the Council of Mortgage Lenders (
  • It shows that the architect visited the property during construction and they have the necessary experience
  • It says the architect is liable for 6 years and will have professional indemnity insurance in place

This sounds simple enough – the architect signs a certificate to show that they’re a professional in their field, that they’re taking responsibility for the works and they’re insured.  Sounds perfect….  Or is it?

What’s there to worry about?

Let’s say that after a few years with no problems, damage starts to appear to the property.  Things weren’t visible straight away, but down the road, there are problems with the structure, or perhaps the weatherproofing or maybe the waterproofing.  It’s going to cost A LOT to fix the damage and make it right.

You’re not concerned though, as you know the property came with an Architects Certificate. But should you be worried?  Is this going to be a load on your mind?

To successfully claim, you would actually need to prove negligence on the architect’s part.  And to sue them successfully in court which may take years!

And there’s more….

So what happens if your architect is no longer practising?

Or has gone out of business?

Now you start to worry… Who do you turn to for remedy?

If you want REAL peace of mind that any potential future damage is 100% covered, without worrying about proving who is to blame, you need Structural Warranty insurance  (also known as Latent Defects Insurance).

What does a Structural Warranty insurance policy do?

  • Gives 10 years protection and peace of mind as the insurance will cover the cost of repairs or even full rebuild
  • Covers developing defects that could lead to damage – even if it hasn’t happened yet!
  • Responds immediately to the problem
  • Most importantly, if you’ve got this insurance in place, you don’t need to prove any negligence or blame anybody – you only need to prove that the defect or damage exists to go ahead with the claim

The choice is simple…. but it’s yours.

If you’re developing new homes or you’re about to buy a new build property, give us a call.   We can chat through Structural Warranty Insurance in more detail so you don’t end up being out of pocket.

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