Business Should Welcome Euro Deal

27th July 2011By adminBusiness Insurance

Don’t knock the latest Euro deal says Titan Business Insurance who believes that the politicians are playing for time and aren’t yet cause a banking crisis. Titan Business Insurance, one of the largest brokers in the sector, believes the businesses throughout the UK should welcome the latest Euro deal which will help the recovery begin … Read More

BBC’s Apprentice Reminds SMEs of Need for Insurance

20th July 2011By adminCommercial Insurance

Titan Business Insurance reckons that SMEs have much to learn from watching the highly successful BBC programme The Apprentice which offers a microcosm of all the issues faced by business people. As the highly successful reality show The Apprentice closes after yet another fascinating run, one of the UK’s largest insurance brokers, Titan Business Insurance, … Read More

SMEs Worry Over Prospects

14th July 2011By adminCommercial Insurance

News Release 12th July, 2011 Client’s of Titan Business Insurance are reporting back that although the UK economic recovery may well have started, the pace of growth appears to have stalled. Clients of one of the UK’s largest business insurance brokers remain very concerned that the economic recovery remains unstable and the that mixed messages … Read More

Being a Landlord is No Fairytale

29th June 2011By adminLandlord Commercial Building Insurance

This article discusses the attitude of society towards the landlord, how whilst much of the attitude is borne out of jealousy, some landlords make cost savings in ill-advised areas, such as failing to put adequate precautions in place. Penny pinching landlords are not only irked in fairytales. The landlord can be a maligned figure, and … Read More

Private Equity Groups – What Role Now?

29th June 2011By adminBusiness Insurance

On a day of mixed fortunes for the private equity companies, Titan Business Insurance wonders who got the best deal out of the numerous companies sold before the crash? As the UK economy shows the first tentative signs of recovery, one of the UK’s largest business insurance brokers is wondering how the private equity groups, … Read More

Business More Litigious

21st June 2011By adminBusiness Insurance

Legal costs can significantly reduce a company’s profitability and Titan business insurance is warning its clients to ensure that they are adequately protected against potentially damaging claims. One of the country’s leading business insurance brokers is warning its clients that they must ensure that they have adequate legal cover in order to protect against the … Read More