The latest row in football over racism and who said what during a Premiership match highlights the litigious nature of modern sport and why clubs and individuals need proper cover says Titan Sports Insurance.

Everyone understands the need for club buildings and grounds to be insured, and for players to mitigate the risk of being injured, or injuring someone else, but the latest football troubles with racism at its centre raises a whole host of new issues and dilemmas.

Football has done a great deal to stamp out the spectre of racism within the sport believes Titan, but now with high profile players taking each other to court over alleged on pitch comments, matters have become ever more complicated.

The pitch, or arena, is not immune from the law and accepted standards of behaviour, but there is a danger that some are not beyond making false allegations to spite an opponent, or further their profile.

Chief Executive Officer of Titan Sports Club Insurance, basil tsapalis, said: “This latest trouble basically means that players and sportspeople do not operate within a vacuum. Whether on a pitch, or tennis court, or
Arena, participants in sports have a duty to conduct themselves in a manner that is acceptable. You wouldn’t be allowed to behave in certain ways at work, or in the office, so why should sport be different? But those taking part need to ensure that they have the correct liability cover in case they become embroiled in such an incident, through no fault of their own.”

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