Liability Insurance – Rolls Royce Take Hit

16th February 2011By adminLiability Insurance

When Rolls Royce declared the cost of the Qantas engine blast, no mention was made of how much the liability insurance policies will have to pay out, but this whole saga was a reminder of the importance of such cover. Liability insurance is there to help manufacturers and producers of goods mitigate against potential legal … Read More

Groundworker Insurance – What’s Underneath?

11th February 2011By adminGround Workers Insurance

One reason why groundworker insurance is so vital, is that someone working on the foundations of a project – in effect clearing away the earth, preparing footings and laying pipes – never quite knows what their work might reveal. The Liverpool Daily Post recently reported that some old City tram lines have been exposed by … Read More

Cheap Insurance For Landlords

4th February 2011By adminLandords Insurance

As many home owners who let their property continue to look for cheap insurance for landlords deals, the question being posed for newcomers into the market, is whether this is a good time to become a buy to let landlord. Cheap insurance for landlords is a preoccupation for many, but the bigger question has to … Read More

Titan Unoccupied Property Insurance: Government Should Reconsider Empty Rates

4th February 2011By adminUnoccupied Property Insurance

A leading unoccupied property insurance broker is joining calls for the Government to reconsider the idea of empty rates on commercial properties, what’s become known as the ‘bomb site Britain’ tax. Titan Insurance, which is one of the UK’s largest players in the unoccupied property insurance sector, admits that the previous administration headed up by … Read More

Unoccupied Property Insurance: Check Out Your Empty Properties

27th January 2011By adminUnoccupied Property Insurance

A company which arranges unoccupied property insurance for commercial and domestic landlords, is advising everyone with empty property to ensure that they make regular checks on their condition and status. Titan is one of the UK’s leading brokers in the unoccupied property insurance sector and recommends that landlords of both sectors, commercial and domestic, don’t … Read More

Landlords Insurance – Licences to Run Bedsits

24th January 2011By adminLandords Insurance

Whilst landlords insurance is a priority for most property owners who let to tenants, problems have got so bad in parts of Southend, that tough measures are being introduced. These include a stricter landlords licensing scheme. And it’s all because of rogue landlords who are in charge of rundown flats and bedsits. It is these … Read More