The Government coalition austerity cuts will be bad news for private landlords who might effectively have to cushion the blow of a dramatic cut in housing benefit says one of the country’s leading landlord insurance intermediaries.

Titan Insurance is one of the UK’s largest arrangers of landlords insurance and highlights the fact that many private landlords believe that the Government is ‘taking them on’ over the cost of private rents. That they are being accused  of artificially increasing rents knowing that Housing Benefit will make up the difference.

Chief Executive Officer of Titan Insurance, ●, said:

“This is a difficult situation for both parties. The Government has introduced stringent cuts and people on housing benefit will feel the effect of these measures over the coming months. But it is perhaps with justification that many landlords will be unfairly characterised as the bad guys in this affair. The majority of landlords do act responsibly, so to be cast as the possible villains in this situation, is unfair.

“But however this plays out, it remains vital for landlords to protect themselves with adequate landlords house insurance. In these difficult times, many landlord tenant relationships are going to become strained.

“And good landlords property insurance can help mitigate against some of the problems that people letting property are going to face in the future.”

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