Private Equity Groups – What Role Now?

29th June 2011By adminBusiness Insurance

On a day of mixed fortunes for the private equity companies, Titan Business Insurance wonders who got the best deal out of the numerous companies sold before the crash? As the UK economy shows the first tentative signs of recovery, one of the UK’s largest business insurance brokers is wondering how the private equity groups, … Read More

Business More Litigious

21st June 2011By adminBusiness Insurance

Legal costs can significantly reduce a company’s profitability and Titan business insurance is warning its clients to ensure that they are adequately protected against potentially damaging claims. One of the country’s leading business insurance brokers is warning its clients that they must ensure that they have adequate legal cover in order to protect against the … Read More

Titan Business Insurance : Recovery Worries Deepen

7th June 2011By adminBusiness Insurance

Titan Business Insurance is worried that the difference of opinion on how to handle the recovery is creating a division amongst politicians and economists which will prove a distraction. One of the largest UK business insurance brokers is worried that the major disagreements on how the recovery should be managed is causing a distraction. Titan … Read More

Titan Business Insurance: Slow Recovery

28th March 2011By adminBusiness Insurance

A top business insurance broker is warning that the UK economy is set to be slower than expected. Titan Business Insurance, which handles policies for a large number of individuals, companies and organisations, notes that the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) believes that the recovery in the UK will be subdued for at … Read More

Titan Business Insurance: Crisis Management?

21st March 2011By adminBusiness Insurance

Events not only in Japan, but also in the Middle East have demonstrated that all companies, whatever their size, need to consider, ‘what if planning’, says a top business insurance operation. Titan Business Insurance believes that companies, no matter what their size, have to plan for the worst to happen, because then, if it does, … Read More

Business Insurance Helps Export Efforts

22nd November 2010By adminBusiness Insurance

British Prime Minister David Cameron’s recent trip to China, heading one of the biggest trade delegations for years to the East, enforces the need for companies to look for exports when coping with the recession. But in looking further afield, it is essential that companies ensure that they have comprehensive business insurance. Getting proper business … Read More

Titan Insurance: Business Insurance Mistakes

14th October 2010By adminBusiness Insurance

People organising their business insurance policies are falling into the ‘click and buy’ trap experienced by thousands who fail to get the most appropriate cover. Titan Insurance, one of the UK’s leading source of business insurance, believes that organising a policy can be quick, but that too many rely on internet schemes and quotes which … Read More

A handy guide to Business Insurance

23rd April 2010By adminBusiness Insurance

It’s a given that as a small business owner or an entrepreneur you have many decisions to make every day to ensure your business is running effectively. If you have just started out, then you must add another decision to your pile, a crucial one – what insurance cover to take. This may seem like … Read More